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Terra-Genesis – Helping People Achieve Self-Empowerment & Self-Reliance One Step at a Time

The power to empower yourself is in your hands; TGI will only help you with the resources and guidance to find what you're looking for, foster your growth, develop a definiteness and persistence of purpose, and fulfill your American Dream.

TGI provides access to resources, jobs, news, and insights that can help you come into your own, use your imagination and visualization, develop financial stability, love yourself, and bring your vision to life!


About Terra-Genesis

Terra-Genesis was born from a dream Ben Amor (Known as Ali Ali) had in 1983 that changed the trajectory of his life and drove him to start a nonprofit organization to help the community with real solutions. Initially aimed at eradicating world hunger through the use of technology, TGI has grown and expanded into an organization that helps people become self-reliant and attain peace of mind.

We support many movements, scholarships, and programs that can help you find your true potential, use your will to take definitive action, and see fruitful results to thrive in life. TGI aims to help you believe in yourself and empower you to chase and achieve your dreams!

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Terra-Genesis Subordinates – Organizations We Parent

Terra-Genesis became an IRS Group Exemption Holder in 1993, so it has subordinates under its umbrella. The first five Subordinates were Terra-Genesis of Texas, Terra-Genesis of San Antonio, Terra-Genesis of Austin, Terra-Genesis of Corpus Christi, and Terra-Genesis of Louisiana.

Terra-Genesis of Texas (TGTX)

Terra-Genesis supports TGTX in its mission to provide rehab services to low-income and disabled individuals and families.

Terra-Genesis of San Antonio (TGSA)

TGSA builds Affordable Housing and promotes the Educational & Motivational(E&M) Program to empower people to read books and self-improve, and ultimately chase the American dream.

Sav-Baby, DBA Save Families

Save Families continues to develop Mosaic Self-Empowerment, Children Mosaic, and First-time Homeowners.

Programs Run By Terra-Genesis

Our American Dream Center – Where Dreams Come True

The American Dream Center (ADC) is a Community Center where people can seek and achieve their American Dream. Terra-Genesis owns the Center and will work with people committed to their own success. The ADC will also host The Mosaic Self-Empowerment Program (MSEP) to provide Empowerment Services to the community.

It supports:

  • Mosaic Self-Improvement Program (MSEP)
  • Empowerment Books Library (EBL)
  • Mosaic Arch Caffe (MAC)
  • Children Mosaic Program (CMP)

TGI ensures the MSEP, EBL, MAC, and CMP continue working smoothly, and the ADC becomes a sustainable legacy for future generations.

American Dream Award (ADA)

TGI supports this award designed to help individuals and families gain a degree of financial stability. The Dream Award will provide you with $5,000. However, to become applicable for receiving the award, you must go through the Self-Empowerment components of the Mosaic Self-Empowerment Program. When you finally become part of a Master Mind Group, you can complete the ADA application to compete for the award. The prize money can help you pursue your dreams.

Terra-Genesis of Tunisia (TGT)

Terra-Genesis also has a program in Tunisia that provides access to resources and services by using a database of resources for the community (www.Xnet Africa.org). TGT applied for an NGO in Tunisia and hopes to promote self-empowerment services for Tunisians in the future.

Community Resources Awareness and Referrals

TGI has a hub of community resources that it keeps updating and provides people with the referrals they need to sort their lives out and achieve financial stability and self-reliance.

Master Mind Group (MMG)
What is the Master Mind Group?

"Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose."

We want to start with a small group of individuals that are ready and willing to be part of this exclusive program.

Our Goals

To develop ideas and resources and implement the "Laws of Success."


People take on the nature, habits, and POWER OF THOUGHT of those they associate with in a spirit of sympathy and harmony.

When individual brains coordinate in Harmony, the increased energy created through that alliance becomes available to every individual brain in the group.

Why a Group?

When two or more people coordinate in a spirit of HARMONY and work toward a definite objective, they place themselves in a position, through that alliance, to absorb power directly from the great universal storehouse of Infinite Intelligence.
– Napoleon Hill

This is the greatest of all sources of POWER. Geniuses and great leaders turn to this source, whether they are conscious of the fact or not.


The first meeting is to meet and agree to the MMG and its principles and commit if you want to continue meeting regularly after the first meeting. Here's what you can expect from the meeting:

  • - We will discuss and share what each one is currently doing and what goals each one has.
  • - It is not about being perfect but connecting with others who have the same passion, commitment, and desire to succeed.

When: Quarterly

Where: Terra-Genesis American Dream Center 1400 West Avenue 78201

Working with each other in harmony produces brainpower greater than individuals working alone! All you have to do is commit to yourself!

Empowerment Book Library (EBL)

The EBL will play an essential role in local communities by supplying access to information and resources. It will have books to educate, empower, and help people progress and inspire them to do more in a better way.  These empowering books will expand the reader's worldview. Reading them will help you achieve the impossible and become self-empowered and financially stable.

Mosaic Arch Café

The Mosaic Arch Café idea at The American Dream Center represents the door between time and space one passes through to enter another world. The Arch is the reason for the elevation of the mind toward a higher ideal and for abandoning the old to discover the new.

The Mosaic Arch Cafe connects people with resources and business opportunities, wherein the Arches symbolize strength and support. The Mosaic Arch café will help build the community and inspire readers to access more empowering books.

The Mosaic Arch Café will ultimately help the literacy rate nationwide and unite different neighborhoods to discuss issues and develop solutions to prosper.

Sav-Baby's Programs

Mosaic Self-Empowerment Program (MSEP)

Terra-Genesis supports MSEP, a program that helps people realize their true potential, focus on healthy habit-building, and discover self-empowerment. Mosaic has multiple components geared toward people who need support to reach self-reliance. Its components are:

  1. Mirror Technique (MT)
  2. Self-Motivation (SM)
  3. Sit for Ideas (SFI)
  4. Set Realistic Goals (SRG)
  5. State of Flow (SOF)
  6. Self-Empowerment Training (SET)

Children Mosaic Program (CMP)

Through Mosaic Art, children learn about shapes and how they fit together. It can help them increase their cognitive functioning, improve their fine motor skills, develop math skills, and create self-expression and discoveries.


This is the ultimate resource data you need in Texas. All you have to do is enter the keyword, keyphrase, or zip code you want information on, and the directory will point you in the right direction. So, whether you need food, emergency services, medication, counseling, or any other help or information, XNetConnect.org will help you find it!


This is a helpful resource database you might need in Tunisia. Enter the keyword, keyphrase, or zip code you want information on in the search bar, and the directory will point you in the right direction. So, whether you need food, emergency services, medication, counseling, or any other help or information, XNetAfrica.org will help you in your time of need!

A Word from Ben Amor

I founded Terra-Genesis to end world hunger by reducing Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) based on a harrowing dream that refuses to leave my side. However, Terra-Genesis has grown leaps and bounds from the initial idea it sprouted from. It has become an unstoppable force that helps deserving and underserved people discover self-empowerment and attain financial stability to pursue their dreams.

I urge you to join me on this journey and be the change this world needs. Partner with Terra-Genesis to guide people to expand their imagination and exercise their will to achieve self-reliance.

Whether you want to show up monetarily or through your organization's resources and time, connect with Terra-Genesis today to make this world better – one step at a time!

Let's Support People to Become Self-Empowered and Financially Stable!

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